What Solutions You Can Derive In Online Therapy

The Internet is a very powerful tool that can work against us if we do not use it with caution, especially in relation to online terapi. How to make online therapy effective? How to choose a good psychologist? Sometimes, for various reasons, we cannot attend a personal consultation and are considering the option of online therapy.

For this, it is important to first determine the reason for our request. It is important to divide consultations in which the client’s goal is to get a general orientation regarding a specific problem, and consultations in which we will already enter the field of assessment or therapy. In the second case, in which we will talk about therapy, the means by which this therapy is carried out will determine some of its aspects.

Real-time therapy

In fact, this is the only way that can be considered effective for effective online therapy, because an audiovisual channel that occurs in real time would reduce the differences with face-to-face sessions. Thus, real time is necessary for the exchange of questions, answers, advice, dynamic doubts. The importance of the image is due to the fact that the psychologist can also rely on non-verbal information that the patient can transmit.

However, we must bear in mind that sometimes it is necessary to combine online therapy with face-to-face sessions. . Why? Firstly, because with personal therapy, the psychologist completely controls the environment in which the therapy develops, secondly, because it can concern the patient, thirdly, because the occurrence of unforeseen events, such as the Internet line, is minimized. Finally, group therapy is much more difficult at a distance.

On the other hand, contact by e-mail or even by phone. It can be used for specific consultations, but not usually for monitoring a patient. If they ever offer you this as a customer, you will take care of them. There are psychologists and people who disguise themselves in such a way that they do not hesitate to offer their services in this way, without showing any doubt about actions with negligence.

Online therapy is not intended to replace face-to-face therapy

This is just another therapeutic option.To do this, you need to report very well about the professional you are going to choose. Check your professional accreditations, the type of training you received, and the experience you have. In addition, do not be afraid to ask and request information on how the consultations, payment, frequency of sessions will be held. In addition, we advise you to make at least the first consultations in person.

Is online therapy right for me?

As we already said, online therapy is not always suitable for all cases. However, there is much where it will be more than profitable. For example, to all those people who live abroad and who want to conduct therapy in their native languageeither because they feel safer, more comfortable, or because they want to communicate without barriers or obstacles that can create a language that is not fully mastered.

Also, online therapy is suitable for all those people who have complex schedules. The agenda is full of obligations that prevent them, even if they want, to attend face-to-face consultations. Although it may also happen that you live in a fairly remote area with limited access to psychologists. We are talking about rural areas or remote villages. This may not be optimal, but in many cases it is preferable to not have therapy.