What Does SafeLand Training Cover

What Is Safeland Training

Safeland training is a training that is required to be done by the United States for the upstream oil and gas industry. This training covers safety, awareness, and the best practices for working in the United States upstream oil and gas industry. The goal Safeland is to provide the best training and orientation for the individuals who are professionals in the US land contract industry. This industry is also known as the US onshore E&P industry. To this day Safeland has educated over 1 million individuals in the onshore oil and gas industry.

The benefits of taking the Safeland program is that the program is designed specifically to cater to the needs of individuals working in the onshore oil and gas industry. The Safeland program is widely recognized and widely accepted by the onshore oil and gas industry leaders. The training will be on the employees’ record throughout their career. The Safeland program is held to high standards and they are monitored by quality assurance audit program they are also closely overseen by an oversight committee.

The Safeland program also eliminates the need for a single employee to retake the program. A testimony was written about Safeland USA by the senior director of Halcon resources. He stated that Safeland provided great training for his company’s new and transfer employees. They gained an excellent understanding of the hazards associated with the US upstream oil and gas industry.

This is very important because it prevents accidents and incidents for employees who may have never worked in this environment. The following operators and contractors support Safeland USA and listed are a few ExxonMobil, Murphy Oil Corporation, and Chevron. This is very impressive because these are some of the leaders in the oil and gas industry.

Texas One Of The Major States  Who Employs Onshore Oil And Gas Contractors

Texas is one of the states that is involved in onshore oil and gas as well as offshore drilling. This makes Safeland training Houston, Texas very important because of all the employees and contractors that work in this field in the state of Texas especially around the Houston area. There are many different companies that have been approved to provide Safeland training Houston, Texas area. A few of the companies that perform this service in the Houston area or ABC Safety Solutions, Omega Safety Training, and Houston Safety Training.

What Is PEC Safeland Training

The PEC Safeland course is a course that provides basic orientation for safety awareness for both the Safeland USA course and the Safegulf course. The PEC basic program was designed to provide multiple operator orientations that give students a general concept of safety issues in relation to the oil and gas industry for the upstream, downstream, onshore, and offshore work.

This program is at the 1-day course and over 25 of the tops of oil and gas companies except for this orientation. The PEC Basic Orientation safety awareness course does meet all the industry requirements. Once the course is complete the student information is stored in an online database using a barcode that is provided on the back of an ID that is given after successful completion of the course.

The topics that are covered in this course are Safegulf certification, Safeland certification, confined space, rigging, hydrogen sulfide, lockout/ tagout, and fall protection. The course continues with the following topics such as hazmat, hazardous communications, personal protective equipment, emergency response, process safety management, welding safety, and fire protection. The course work continues and all the information that is provided under this course will definitely reduce the number of accidents in this industry.