Eating well isn’t just a case of choosing the right foods to include on your plate — habits, and care for your health influences throughout your body and also indigestion.

For your digestive system to work with balance and without overload, it is necessary to adopt habits that facilitate the work of the enzymes in the stomach and, consequently, you do not suffer from problems like heartburn, bad digestion and the malaise that issues in the stomach cause or take megaflora probiotic for easy digestion.

To Make Your Digestion Easy, Follow These Advice

  • Include more raw foods on your plate. Natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and herbs contain the enzymes necessary for their digestion, which saves energy from the body.
  • Simplify your meals. Meals that include starches like potatoes, rice, pasta, and protein concentrates like red meat, fish, poultry combined with a sweet dessert are the perfect match for the digestive disaster. To simplify the dish, instead of putting too much carbohydrate and plenty of protein, choose just one of them to eat more and combine with many vegetables. Wait at least 2 hours before eating dessert.
  • Make sure you are ingesting the necessary nutrients. This includes B-complex vitamins. So you guarantee the production of hydrochloric acid, essential indigestion.
  • Avoid drinking liquids during meals. Water, when taken with your meal, increases the pH of the stomach, which gives the green light so that the food goes straight into the intestine, even if it is not yet fully digested.
  • Help the digestion with digestive enzymes. Talk to your gastroenterologist for tests that tell you if you need to take enzymes and which ones you need. For example, anyone who has lactose intolerance should take lactase, the enzyme necessary for the digestion of milk.
  • Avoid feeding yourself when you are very stressed. This doesn’t insinuate that you have to stay without food. Instead, try to relax and forget about the problems before you eat. And preferably, make a light meal in these cases.
  • Take bitter teas that aid in digestion. Herbs like boldo and chamomile are ideal for relieving the malaise after a heavy meal and support in the digestive process. However, they should be taken without exaggeration.
  • Use seasoning in favor of digestion. Seasonings like ginger, black pepper and cayenne are good choices to add to your dish and have a proper metabolism.
  • Include probiotics in food. Good bacteria, probiotics can be found in yogurts and fermented milk, aid in digestion and regulate the functioning of the intestine.
  • Chew your meal well. Chewing well and slowly, besides helping you to eat without exaggeration, assists the stomach in the digestion.