Smart Treatment of Oily Skin

What makes the millefeuille method effective is also the type of products used. When the 4 points that we have mentioned are united and the products are not aggressive, the method works wonderfully. Otherwise, it has no effect or an aggravating effect.

Bonus factors

The 4 points mentioned above are the foundations of the care of oily skin. But there are also additional aspects that we can look for in a range for oily skin and that are a plus.

The mattifying aspect

So dear to Oily Skin, the main characteristic of which is to shine. An effective sebum-regulating treatment will lower the production of sebum and ultimately matify the skin. But this care action will not be automatic. The immediate aspect will be provided by “mechanical” additives that will be added to the leave-in products which will absorb the sebum mechanically. From lotion to cream, passing through the fluid, “mechanical” mattifying products are those that do not rinse off. In natural cosmetics, silica or cyclodextrins (derivatives of starches) are used.

In conventional cosmetics, it is rather acrylates or aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, which have the annoying drawback of being occlusive and comedogenic. In all cases, the mechanical mattifying aspect of a treatment lasts a few hours, but do not expect a dull face from morning to evening.

The “camouflage” aspect

It is very useful in case of visible pimples, large pores or hollow scars. We will find it rather in accessory care, such as “foundation”, “pore fucker”. Halfway between skincare and makeup, they hide imperfections and smooth the skin with an “optical” effect. Choose a product without silicones or mineral oils or skip it. It would be a shame to spoil a whole routine that works for a purely cosmetic product that will worsen the basis of the problem. It is exactly the same for make-up elsewhere, in particular products for the complexion, stuffed with silicones, mineral oils and acrylates. The same goes for multi-benefit products like BB or CC creams.

The soothing aspect

The soothing aspect in itself is not systematically sought in case of oily skin and is found especially in the ranges “dry, sensitive skin”. But it can be useful in the event of significant inflammatory lesions (pimples, irritations). The ideal solution is a targeted treatment by area of ​​the “stick or button targeted gel” type to be applied to the area concerned before other treatments.

What to remember about the oily skin care routine

The care of oily skin is often focused on a routine in terms of “method”.

  • It is worth remembering that the products that make up this routine are just as, if not more important, than the routine itself. The purpose of this article is to guide you in the choice of high-performance products, which combine both the treating aspect and the aesthetic aspect.
  • Because many products intended for oily skin care have no treating aspect and are more like make-up than care, although they claim to be such. However oily skin can be perfectly treated not to become dry, but to be regulated and as beautiful as other types of skin.

Finally, whatever your routine and the number of products you use or their order, be sure to always exclude stripping and drying agents (sulfates in cleaners, alcohol in lotions and tonics) sensitizers (PEG and quaternary ammoniums), asphyxiants (acrylates, silicones, mineral oils). As with all skin types, the softness of the products is the basis for the care of oily skin. The more gently you treat your skin, the less rebound effect you will have.