Pregnenolone is a naturally occurring steroid compound that is used for a variety of different treatments. This steroid compound occurs naturally in the body but it is also synthesized for supplements and other treatments for both men and women. Although it is used for treating women, Pregnenolone is more commonly used to treat men; if you want to know more about pregnenolone men and what type of treatments it is used for, consider the following guide that will help you learn more about this common compound and its supplemental uses.

What is Pregnenolone?

Pregnenolone is a steroid compound that is associated with DHEA, another parent steroid that helps manage various important bodily functions including blood circulation, muscle healing, alertness, insulin production, and more. All of the steroid hormones that are present in the body 9such as estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisone and even DHEA) are produced from the parent compound Pregnenolone. 

Pregnenolone is naturally occurring in the body; this naturally occurring compound appears at all ages, young and old. However, the level of Pregnenolone in the body decreases naturally with age, along with the levels of other compounds such as DHEA. Most research estimates that the body has about 10% of the amount of pregnenolone in the body at 80 that it did at the age of 20. This lower level of Pregnenolone is associated with low energy, potential memory problems, lowered response to healing, and more. 

What Is Pregnenolone Used For?

Like many compounds naturally found in the body, there are various medical treatments that use synthesized Pregnenolone to treat different conditions. Typically, this compound is taken orally as a supplement, though some treatments may involve injecting a specified amount of Pregnenolone instead. 

Pregnenolone supplements are used for a variety of different conditions and problems. Some of the most common conditions they are used to treat in men include: improving energy and reducing fatigue; helping enhance memory particularly in men with Alzheimer’s disease; treating trauma and injuries in an attempt to improve healing time; reducing stress; improving immunity from diseases; treating scleroderma and psoriasis skin diseases; helping reduce signs of aging; help with arthritis pain and stiffness; and help with certain prostate problems. Pregnenolone has also been indicated in studies that suggest it may even be able to help with depression, certain multiple sclerosis symptoms, and even seizures.

Is It Safe?

Yes, Pregnenolone is safe for men to take. However, as it is with any medication, Pregnenolone supplements or other Pregnenolone treatments should be used only after a consultation with a physician. Because Pregnenolone impacts hormones in the body, it’s important to avoid taking any type of Pregnenolone supplements if you are currently taking medications that involve altering the levels of hormones in your body such as testosterone or estrogen, as this can cause complications which may increase your risk for serious side effects. 

If you are interested in taking Pregnenolone supplements to improve any of the conditions listed above, talk with your physician about integrating Pregnenolone into your medical treatment plan.