Merrylands dental surgery: All You Need To Know

Merrylands dental surgery, also known as oral surgery, is a procedure that can range from dental implants to the all-too-common removal of wisdom teeth. The result usually leaves the patient with a swollen and sore mouth. Knowing what to do after surgery can help to alleviate the pain and make sure you heal properly.
There are also things you should try your best to avoid in order to attain a speedy recovery, such as:
• Brushing the affected area, try to avoid it until it is healed
• Rinsing mouth within the first day after surgery
• Hot liquids
• Tobacco
• Alcohol

Things you must do before Merrylands dental surgery :

  1. Make sure you talk everything out with your dental surgeon before: By this time, you should already have a comprehensive idea about what procedure is going to be done on you. You should know how the surgery is going to affect your life and your routines afterward so you can make the necessary preparations. For example, if you will require medications, make sure you have them ready immediately after your surgery, just in case you are unable to get it yourself. Also, make sure you have consulted with your dentist regarding any concerns or fears that you have.
  2.  Make the necessary arrangements for transportation and post-treatment care: If you are going through some major dental procedure, make sure you arrange for someone to accompany you to your dentist. If you live far away, make sure you arrange transportation for your convenience
  3.  Remember to abide by all pre-operative instructions: If anesthetic sedation or general anesthesia has to be performed on you, your dental surgeon will most likely provide pre-operative instructions. This usually includes not eating or drinking anything (even water) for 8 hours before your dental surgery, or taking a light meal an hour or two before the surgery if the procedure needs a local anesthetic. It is imperative that you follow these instructions before your surgery.
  4. Anticipate your post-surgical diet: Many dental procedures require that you skip on hard solid foods for a few days, and eat soft foods which require little chewing. It is important that you consult your doctor on these matters before your Merrylands dental surgery.

There are different kinds of Merrylands dental surgery. Here are the most common ones:

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – Wisdom teeth tend to be problematic. Most people experience that they come in crooked. In some cases, they are impacted just below the gum line. This can result in infections and it might damage the adjacent teeth as well. You will require surgery if they are causing dental problems.
    • Dentures – Older patients or those who have too many damaged teeth might opt for dentures. These could be part or full dentures.
    • Root Canals – If a tooth has got infected; the dentist removes the tooth pulp and the root canal. The tooth is then filled and a crowned.

Knowing the procedure, what to do and not to do, and warning signs of complications, you can be prepared for the worst while working towards the best with regard to your Merrylands dental surgery.