Medical and health programs provided for the volunteers

There are many villages and towns that are having hospitals understaffed, as most doctors go for the bigger cities finding the best opportunities. A Broader View Volunteer provides different programs for selective places that are in great need of helping hands in order to assist the doctors, nurses and the remaining medical staff in the hospital.  This also helps the volunteer in a parallel way to learn about health care practices in third world countries. Many needs of the doctors such as taking a medical history, performing checkups, checking vitals and giving vaccination can be fulfilled by the assistance of those volunteers to a great extent.

Medical and nursing programs for abroad

  • Dental programs: – Volunteers can engage in dental programs to assist the doctors in the patient checkups, simple surgeries, cleaning, and minor extractions too.
  • Midwifery and maternity: – Regular checkups for pregnant ladies before and after delivery as well as counseling for family planning can be assisted by our volunteers. The pediatric department where a child under 5 years is taken care can also be engaged. 
  • Paramedical and rescue: – The most important part of those medical mission trips is the emergency medical checkups which are provided by the separate dedicated medical team in affected areas which can be accompanied by volunteers. This can be a good opportunity to learn as well as support the professional Para medical works. 
  • Therapy and rehabilitation: – This program can be a good opportunity for an undergraduate student to assist in a real-time medical center. Immense practical knowledge of treatment from several countries can be gained through this program to a great extent. 
  • HIV/ AIDS prevention and care: – AIDS is one of the most dreadful diseases that devastated a huge number of people from all around the world. This program provides an opportunity to involve in education, prevention, treatment as well as awareness programs conducted by a group of medical teams.