How To Choose A Mattress For A Heavy Person? 

There are many factors to consider when you buy a mattress online or in a store like a mattress composition, brand, budget, etc. But there are a few critical factors that need to be considered while shopping for a mattress for a heavy person. If these are factored in while researching and purchasing it will result in good sleep. Some of the critical factors are:

Mattress thickness: One of the most important things to look at while purchasing a king size mattress or a queen-size mattress for an overweight person is the mattress thickness. A heavier person should be sleeping on a thicker mattress as that offers better compression support. In other words, look for a mattress that has great compression support as the bodyweight creates a lot of pressure on the mattress and thinner mattresses will be unable to provide the needed support.

Firmness level: The next thing to factor while buying a mattress for people who are on the heavier side is the firmness level. The firmness of your double bed mattress should depend on the sleeping type. It is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the firmest and 1 being soft. People who weigh more than 230 pounds will sink into the mattress more than people who are lightweight. The sinkage can be up to 2 inches or more depending on body weight. As they tend to put more pressure on the bed, the former is better for them as it alleviates the pressure points. Also, stomach and side sleepers should opt for a firmer mattress as the weight is not evenly distributed so that there is no pressure on the hips, neck, shoulders, and back. A medium-firm mattress from Wakefit is the most recommended for a heavy person irrespective of the sleeping position. 

Temperature neutrality: The body tends to produce more heat when it sinks into the mattress and the bed retains it which leads to making the sleeper feel even hotter than before. It is essential for a sleeper to have a reduced heat when in the later stages of sleep and if the sleeper wakes up sweating then it can have an effect on the quality of sleep. So it is important to have a mattress that keeps the sleeper cool, there are many mattresses that have better technology like having memory foam cells and have better airflow than normal memory foam. 

Edge support: Edge support is also an important necessity for a heavy person looking for a good mattress. Many sleepers also use it to sit especially on the edges as it helps to get out or into the bed. There are many mattresses that have edges that are bolstered with extra support so that it does not sink in when the sleeper sits on it. Moreover, without edge support, there will be lagging at the edges which results in less durability. The foam mattress price of edge support beds is also affordable compared to a latex mattress

Weight limitations: Most mattress manufacturers publish a weight limit exceeding which can result in damage to it. This limit varies as per brands and models and should be considered before purchasing it. A king-size mattress can support a weight of up to 600 pounds. 

Warranty: When purchasing a mattress it is essential to look at the terms of the warranty as most of the brands state the depth of sagging or indentation to qualify for it. Also, check the cost of repair or replacement of the defective parts and then decide on the purchase. 

If you are shopping for a mattress that suits a heavy person, ensure that the above-mentioned factors are taken into consideration to buy the best product for quality sleep.