Being Thankful to Everyone and Everything - Integral Yoga Magazine

Thanksgiving is when we’re reminded to be more generous, grateful, and positive throughout the year. If you can find ways to be thankful it can bring inner peace and enhance your sense of life satisfaction. 

Try one of the following ways to be more grateful this Thanksgiving and see how it can have a positive influence on your daily life.

Give Thanks for the Small Stuff

Try to do this once a day:

  • Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and be grateful for that moment

Develop a Gratitude Practice

A good gratitude practice to develop is to write a journal that includes things you’re grateful for. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center it has the power to improve your mental health, reduce stress, cope with depression, and manage anxiety.

Write a Letter to a Friend

Have you got a friend who’s going through a difficult time right now? Is there someone you care for that you’ve not spoken to in a while? 

Think of a time when they were there for you and remind them of that time and how strong they were. Letting a friend know that you’re thinking of them will make their day. It’s also a way of showing gratitude for their friendship. 

Compliment Yourself First

 Investing in self-care is important, so find reasons to fall in love with yourself every day. 

Donate to Your Local Food Bank

Buy some staples or volunteer your time at your local food pantry. Think about food items that aren’t often donated such as beef jerky, canned fruit, or chocolate as these might make a welcome change for people. 

Say “I Love You

Stop to say “I love you” to those around you on Thanksgiving because it’s an important time to share your love with family. 

Laugh More

Laughter is a very effective medicine and a great way of washing away those annoying moments that can make a day cloudy. Laugh with someone. Laugh at the beauty of life and its oddness.