Daily Culture And Practice Among Doctors

When it comes to daily routine, remedies and practices that a doctor must follow, hand hygiene is counted to the top most priority. As a matter of fact, WHO has implemented a strict policy for hand hygiene to avoid any viral and bacterial consumption which might worsen the case of any patient! A hospital is known to be hygienic of the most, and hand hygiene is known to the mandate procedure for every doctor. 

Speaking of hand washing among doctors, they are obligated to follow 5 elements of hand washing as suggested by WHO: 

Doctor must wash their hands:

  • Before treating a patient
  • Before any cleaning or aseptic procedure
  • After contacting the patient
  • After contact in the patient’s environment
  • After contact with any spore forming bacteria or body fluids

In addition to hand hygiene, an interesting approach for doctors is their footwear too. Doctors are recommended to wear crocs when practicing. Following is the list of interesting reason as to why doctors wearing crocs?

  • Crocs support the best posture for doctors which is highly recommended during surgeries
  • Crocs help in increasing the productivity of the doctors in emergency 
  • Crocs are quite simple to take off and put off 
  • Crocs are quite simple to clean as well
  • Crocs offer longevity 
  • The grip of crocs is quite effective on slippery floors 

Doctors are in constant touch with the trauma patients and emergency rooms that might be filled with blood or body fluids. In case of emergency, doctors might have to run from one floor to another. And thus, it is significant that their feet must have a strong grip and enough space for subtle movement and running. And what can be better than crocs in such cases! At the end, they are responsible to save people’s lives and thus, hand hygiene and grip footwear is a must requirement!