An Overview Of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction or teeth extractions in Guildford is a way through which a tooth or teeth are removed through maxillofacial or oral surgeon with the help of dental equipment and tools. It’s a very general process that can be achieved with the help of sedation or anesthesia. A detailed medical evaluation is performed before the mini surgery as this also carries a lot of risks

What are the reasons for a tooth extraction? 

It’s very important to keep your teeth healthy for overall hygiene and masticatory function of the mouth. The teeth that arise after the milk teeth are meant to be kept permanent but at times due to various reasons, tooth extraction has to be performed. Some of the reasons for it are as follows:

  • If the wisdom tooth has been impacted then it has to be removed for the prevention of abnormal growth. 
  • The tooth that has been severely damaged can’t go under restorative procedures for a long time and thus it would have to be removed out. The damaged teeth if not removed for long can actually result in a lot of discomfort and pain. 
  • The damage or decayed tooth contains bacteria, which entering upon the pulp can cause a lot of infection. To stop the spread of infection, teeth extractions Guildford only seems to be a viable option. 
  • If you have got unpleasant looking teeth like the with one endogenous staining then for aesthetic purposes, you may decide to go with teeth extractions Guildford. 

What’s the preparation details for Tooth Extraction? 

Tooth extraction is quite a simple process which shouldn’t take more than an hour. But even though it’s a simple and minor procedure, you as an informed patient must convey all your medical history to the professional. This will ascertain that no kind of complication takes place during your routine procedure. 

If you are suffering from the following conditions then without fail inform your doctor about it:

“Damaged heart valves, history of bacterial endocarditis, history of bleeding, liver disease, if you are pregnant, any bone issues, compromised immune system and congenital heart condition” 

What happens after your tooth extraction? 

Once the tooth has been pulled out, your daily activities can be resumed. But, some special activities like lifting and strenuous physical tasks will be restricted for the next 24 hours. With your normal pain medications, the doctor may recommend some other techniques or tips that can help in faster healing. In most of the cases, it has been noted that the pain from extraction goes away immediately after the second day. But, your gum tissues may take a few weeks, say two to three weeks to completely heal themselves. 


We hope that this post would have given you a brief idea about the world of teeth extractions Guildford. People usually fear the idea of tooth extraction especially when they hear it for the first time. We want to make it clear to everyone that this is a very straightforward and simple procedure in dentistry that won’t cause you much pain, at least not that much what you have in your mind.