13 Questions To Ask Your Oral Surgeon About Dental Implants

Losing a tooth or a set of teeth can dramatically change your life. Your speech can be affected, your self-esteem can significantly decrease, and your bone structure can even deteriorate. When you are faced with such a predicament, one oral surgery Burke you can consider is getting a dental implant.

Dental implants are regarded by many as the best replacement for lost teeth — they are natural-looking, easy to clean, and relatively more durable. If you are an incoming patient wishing to get an implant, here’s a list of important questions you need to ask your oral surgeon.

  1. What if my tooth doesn’t get replaced? By asking this, you will understand how an unreplaced tooth can cause decay as well as bone and overall oral health deterioration.
  2. How are dental implants beneficial? Implants aren’t the most popular choice as lost teeth alternatives without a reason. Apart from above-mentioned reasons, they are also the most comfortable to have compared with dentures and bridges.
  3. Am I qualified for a dental implant? Not all patients are immediately eligible to undergo this kind of oral surgery Burke. One must have enough bone tissue to aid in the so-called osseointegration process — or the phase in which the implant gets bonded with your jaw.
  4. Will I need a bone graft? If you’re not qualified to be an implant candidate yet, you will be needing a bone graft.
  5. What’s your experience with doing dental implants? Patients are typically more at ease once they learn that their oral surgeon is highly experienced in doing this kind of dental procedure.
  6. What are my sedation options? If you feel anxious about your upcoming implant, you can use dental sedation to help you relax and be prepared for the procedure.
  7. What should I do after surgery? Post-surgery care is. Important in any oral surgery Burke. Knowing how to properly do this will help you make your implant last long.
  8. Is dental implant rejection possible? Though getting implants is generally a successful kind of operation, there are still those rare instances when a body rejects an implant.
  9. Are there any risks involved? Minimize the risk of having any complications by asking your dentist — first — about what the risks are and then, how can they be controlled or avoided.
  10. What is the lifespan of an implant? According to dental experts, implants can last for at least 13 years. This longevity is one of the main reasons why patients prefer this over other lost teeth alternatives.
  11. How do you properly care for an implant? To fully maximize your dental implants, you need to know how they are maintained and cleaned — especially during the first few weeks after the surgery.
  12. How much do implants cost? As dental implants are durable and comfortable for the patient, they typically cost more. When asking your dentist about this, you can also inquire how much your insurance can cover — if you have any.
  13. What are my other options? Dentures and bridges are other popular options. Examine each kind’s pros and cons so you can effectively weigh in and choose what’s most suitable for you.

Oral surgery Burke does not have to be a scary procedure. Consult one of our expert surgeons at Northern Virginia Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery today to know more.