how to get rid of hemorrhoids

How To Cure Hemorrhoids - Various Methods to Treat this Problem

Want to know the Best Treatment for Hemorrhoids ?

If you were suffering from hemorrhoids you would probably know the major methods to treat the problem. The purpose of this article is to provide information on all the major treatment options to cure hemorrhoids so that you can then decide a option that suits you well.

1. Creams and gels

This is a problem caused due to improper lifestyle and eating habits. Constipation, improper bowel movements, poor hydration, lack of roughage in food, application of extra strain while passing stools, obesity, pressure on the veins due to continued sitting in one position, lifting of heavy objects, not following a schedule for food etc are some of the reasons for this problem.

2. Pills

Pills and drugs help in relieving the constipation on a temporary basis. With no constipation there will be pressure on the rectum veins and hence you may feel better. However after the effect of the pill fades away you may again experience the problem. Alternately you may have to take these pills continuously for a long time. However these pills will have side effects and may not be effective after some time because your body becomes resistant to these pills.

3. Surgery

Another option to cure hemorrhoids is using a surgical method to get rid of the inflamed mass and then close the vein properly. However the healing time with surgery can be long and surgery does not guarantee that the problem may not occur again. Normally surgical operations are expensive and may not be easily affordable by all.

Natural hemorrhoids remedies

4. Cryotherapy

Another method to cure hemorrhoid uses freezing to stop blood circulation to the infected part and eventually shrink the vein. However this technique may result in nerve damage unless the process is done with all precautions.

There are the four main methods used by most sufferers. However there is an excellent fifth option that is extremely effective and is a natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

How can I get more information on natural treatment for this problem ?

If you can take proper action, then you don't have to suffer from the itching, burning sensation, pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. If you are serious about solving this problem permanently, then don't think of any other solution other than a natural one.

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