how to get rid of hemorrhoids

Can Hemorrhoids Ointment Provide Long Term Relief?

Hemorrhoids are usually very irritating and uncomfortable, and often quite painful as well. However this condition rarely poses any sort of a serious problem and can usually be treated to some extent with hemorrhoids ointment.

Although hemorrhoids ointment can certainly be fast in providing relief and very effective, it is important to realize that it is not going to completely eliminate the problem, and so you will have to incorporate other methods of treatment as well.

Hemorrhoids ointment clear away heat and toxic material, removes the putrid tissues and stimulates the new tissue growth. Ointments are one of the easiest temporary external medications for hemorrhoids.

Once you apply the ointment you may get a feeling as if ice pack has been applied to the hemorrhoid that instantly gets rid of the pain and itchiness.

Natural hemorrhoids remedies

Hemorrhoids ointment, hydrocortisone anti-itch ointment and medicated pads can help with the discomfort, burning, itching and other side effects that hemorrhoids bring with them.

However for proper long-term solution to this problem you will require a good natural treatment that provides a holistic treatment. Ointments only work to suppress the symptoms by making the area numb. You may feel good only till the time the effect of the ointment is there. Subsequently the itching and pain will return back.

Best way to reduce the swelling and pain is to apply witch hazel liquid astringent twice a day after cleaning the area. Clean the area with a soft cotton tissue. A normal paper tissue may scratch the area resulting in more sweating.

Taking aloe vera juice in the morning can be very beneficial in getting relief from constipation and also improving the immune system.

If you are obese then you should consciously try and reduce weight. This will help in reducing the pressure applied to the veins in the abdominal rear.

Including fruits and vegetables in your diet is another technique to avoid constipation and swelling of varicose veins. You should also try and include other fibrous items like oatmeal, wheat bran, sprouts etc in your diet.

Hemorrhoids ointment can be used as a first line of treatment for temporary relief. For long term relief you will have to peruse a natural treatment for some till the problem goes away completely.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids may take some time to work, but they offer the best possible way to get rid of this problem permanently.

How can I get more information on natural treatment for this problem ?

If you can take proper action, then you don't have to suffer from the itching, burning sensation, pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. If you are serious about solving this problem permanently, then don't think of any other solution other than a natural one.

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