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Internal Hemorrhoids vs. External Hemorrhoids and Treatment for Hemorrhoids"

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Hemorrhoids can be present inside the rectum / anus area or outside this area. When the swollen veins are present outside the anus, then it is known as external hemorrhoids. One can easily touch and feel the swollen veins. This type may cause irritation, itching, bleeding, pain, sitting discomfort and clotting. With a little effort you can easily find the best treatment for hemorrhoids irrespective of type.

Internal Piles

Sometimes the swollen veins are located inside the rectum and the sufferer may not be able to touch and feel it. Bleeding may be seen in these cases. Blood may be present in the stools and the tissue that is used to clean. If water is used then one may observe the red color in the water and get scared. This type of piles is known as external hemorrhoids.

Prolapsed Piles

Internal hemorrhoids may at times protrude out due to pressure and gravitational force. Normally the protruding part can be pushed back. Sometimes the protruding part may not go back easily and immediate medical attention may be required. This type of condition is known as prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Natural hemorrhoids remedies

Thrombosed Piles

When a blood clot is formed inside a hemorrhoid it is known as thrombosed hemorrhoids. One may feel a lot of pain and discomfort when clotting of blood happens. Whenever any bleeding is seen from the rectum it is important that you visit a doctor immediately. Internal bleeding can happen due to some other major internal problem also. To make sure it is hemorrhoids only you should get a proper medical examination done.

There are many ways to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids like allopathic medicines, homeopathic medicines, herbal remedies and natural hemorrhoids treatment. This problem is caused mainly due to improper diet and lifestyle. Medicines can only help you to a certain extent. Since this a natural problem it is always better to look for the best treatment for hemorrhoids that uses natural methods.

By switching over to a diet that has sufficient fiber content one can easily avoid constipation. This will help to prevent application of excessive pressure on the rectum anus area. One can easily achieve this by eating fruits, vegetables, sprouts, wholegrain food items etc. Preventing constipation will be major step towards curing hemorrhoids.

There are several other natural remedies that you can start to get good relief from both internal and external hemorrhoids. Natural treatment for hemorrhoids offers the best holistic way to get rid of this problem.

Even if you go for the very best treatment for hemorrhoids that is based on natural techniques, it may take some time to work, but they offer the best possible way to get rid of this problem permanently.

How can I get more information on natural remedies for this problem ?

If you can take proper action, then you don't have to suffer from the burning sensation, itching, pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids. If you seriously want to solve this problem permanently, then don't think of any other solution other than a natural one.

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